Paid zone

If you were unable to pay for the parking time due to a defect of the parking meter and you have received a fine as a result, you can always contact us. We will review your file as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the maximum parking time has to be respected even if the parking meter is defect.

If the fine was unfair you can send us a copy of your parking ticket to receptie[at]

We will review your file again as soon as possible.

Send us a copy of your resident card to receptie[at] We will review your file as soon as possible.

Send us a copy of your disabled card to receptie[at] and we will review your file as soon as possible.

Blue zone

Depending on the city you can park your car for 2,3 or 4 hours in the blue zone. Make sure that your parking disc is visible on the dashboard of your car. For more information about the maximum parking time please consult the relevant on-street city page.The time of arrival must be indicated on the parking disc by moving the arrow to the next half hour.

For example, if you arrive in the blue zone at around 13.10 PM then your parking disc must indicate 13.30 PM.

As mentioned previously not all cities and/or municipalities use the same time span. If this is the case this must be mentioned on one of the signs at the blue zone. More information about our on-street locations and the time span can be found on the on-street parking list.

The rules of the blue zone do NOT apply when:

  • vehicles other than motor vehicles (car, bus,...) are parked. Motorcycles, trikes and quads do not belong to the legislation of the blue zone.
  • there is a parking meter in the blue zone.  You will have to pay for your parking session if there is a parking meter available. If the parking meter is defect only then you may use your parking disc.
  • you are standing still; e.g. when you are moving out of your house.
  • you are a resident of the town in question or if you travel with a disabled person. You can park as long as you want but make sure that your resident/disabled card is clearly visible.
  • if the entry of your garage is in the blue zone, then you can park without a parking disc if the license plate is clearly visible.

In most cases you do not have to lay a parking disc on Sundays and public holidays. In some cities you also don't have to lay a parking disc on Saturdays.

For more info please refer to the page of the city in question.

Contact us via receptie[at], send us your data and a copy of your resident subscription and we will review your file.

The blue zone is always indicated by signs at the beginning and end of the zone.

The blue zone is indicated with a zone sign when entering and exiting the zone. If you have not started a valid parking session with your parking disc, we cannot cancel your fine.

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