Turn a parking asset in to a profitable resource. APCOA offers innovative solutions for car park management, designed to maximise revenue and return on investment.

As part of our service we can advise on how to best use available space, ensuring the maximum number of parking bays, delivering maximum revenue and profit alongside ensuring ease of use, security and safety for your customers.

With extensive expertise in managing car parks and parking, APCOA can ensure your assets are managed and run smoothly and efficiently.

APCOA is uniquely placed to be able to draw upon its existing operational and technical infrastructure, resources and innovative approach to meet and exceed the requirements of our business partners. By combining APCOA's strong contract operating platforms with sound commercial proposals, APCOA's proposition has the operational, technical and financial capacity to provide you with the support and assistance you require to successfully manage your parking estate.

Advertising methods

- Barrier advertising

An effective way of advertising because it is almost impossible to overlook these advertisements. Every time a customer enters or exits the car park he will see the advertisements.


- Ticket advertising

There are many different ticket advertisements available. You can for example provide customers with a parking voucher to increase parking frequency. 


- Parking level advertising

Customers will use the parking level indicator to navigate in the car park. Advertising a product or service near the parking level signage will make sure that the advertisement will be seen.


- Leaflets/Sampling

You can give away samples of products in our car parks. This is the best way to promote for example a new product. The number one benefit is that customers perceive this form of advertising in a positive way.


- Column advertising

Column advertising has a long lasting and unforgettable effect because of the fact that it is distributed all over the car park. You can advertise on every column on all car park floors or on certain columns.


- Display advertising

Your advertisements will be shown on displays all over the car park. You can use a slide show to better capture the attention of the car park users. The visual aspect of this form of advertising makes it highly attractive for consumers and interesting to advertisers.


- Exterior advertising

Not only can you advertise inside our car park. You can also advertise in the entire environment around the car park. This way you'll also be able to attain the attention of outsiders.


Interested in advertising in one of our car parks? Please contact us and together we will determine which places are the most interesting for your advertisement.

You can also reach us by telephone: 03/233 94 23.