Parking in Mortsel

Are you looking for a parking space in Mortsel? APCOA manages a car park in Mortsel on the town square. This secure parking is located in the city center and is easily accessible.

Ideally located for people who often use the train and need a parking space for their car. The parking is also easy and dry to reach from the train station thanks to the underground passage that connects both locations.

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Mortsel Stadsplein

Open all day, Underground car park

You can park your bike in a normal car park with a limited amount of bicycle spaces or in parkings that are 100% bicycle parkings.
If you are disabled, you can use special spaces
An elevator or lift is a type of vertical transportation that moves people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a multilevel carpark.
You can park your motorbike car on special spaces in the car park
This can be with or without camera surveillance, can be a locked gate that you need to present your ticket to get in, can be a closed area frequently patrolled, can be well lit.
Reception or similar with Apcoa people on site
A stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs is a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps.
There is at least one toilet available