APCOA PARKING Belgium PLC guarantees the protection of your online privacy.

Collection of personal data:

Personal information is collected at various locations on our website. This can be done via the electronic forms that you fill in yourself on our website. The personal data you provide via these channels will be included in the files of APCOA Belgium PLC (Terbekehofdreef 64, 2610 Wilrijk)

Collecting connection data:

When you surf on our website, we automatically registere information about the connection you make with our website. This information includes your IP address, the time you visit the website, the type of browser you use and the pages you view.


Cookies are used on our website. A cookie is a file that comes from the server of the website on the hard drive of your computer when you consult the website. The site's cookies do not contain any information that allows you to be personally identified. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can refuse them via your browser.

Security of the information:

The database in which your data is recorded is protected against unauthorized access. APCOA Belgium PLC will only use the collected data in the context of the purpose for which you gave it up. These data are only internally and are never passed on to other companies, sold, rented or made public.

Consult information:

You can at any time delete or change the personal data you have entered, as described in the laws on the data collection. You can view, change, delete or correct your personal details at any time. For this you send a letter to Apcoa Belgium nv, (Terbekehofdreef 64, 2610 Wilrijk). Apcoa Belgium nv reserves the right to change the above-described operating rules of the internet site at any time.

Processing requested personal data at DIV / Protection of privacy / rights of data subjects

APCOA PARKING Belgium PLC guarantees a fair processing of personal data against those involved. The personal data of the license plate holder (limited to name - first name and address) are requested by Apcoa PLC, as concessionaire of cities and municipalities, from the DIV (Vehicle Registration Department - F.O.D. mobility and transport) under the Flemish Decree of 09-07-2010. (BS 26-07-2010) concerning the collection of parking charges by the parking companies, which authorizes the concession holders of Flemish cities and municipalities to request the identity of the number plate holder who is liable to pay parking fees at the DIV, in accordance with the Act on protection of privacy. The legitimate purpose for which the personal data of number plate holders are processed concerns only the collection and collection of municipal parking fees on behalf of cities and municipalities. The data is treated confidentially by Apcoa PLC and not disclosed to third parties, except in the context of a possible legal prosecution. Apcoa PLC was individually authorized by the Sectoral Committee for the Federal Government (SCFO) established within the Privacy Commission (CBPL) in accordance with the conditions, to which Apcoa PLC has committed, of the Deliberation no 17/2010 of 21-10-2010, concerning the one-off authorization for access to the DIV register for identification of persons who are liable to parking fees due to the use of a vehicle. The one-off and individual authorizations, and conditions attached to them, can be consulted by the parties involved on the website of the Privacy Commission: for further information see www.privacycommission.be/nl/node/10899 and www.privacycommission.be/nl/be- beneficiaries- fo-17-2010
 A framework agreement dated 15-03-2011 was signed between the parking manager Apcoa PLC and the General Mobility and Traffic Safety Directorate of the F.O.D Mobility and Mobility and Transport. This protocol agreement can be consulted on the website of the F.O.D. mobility and transport: for further information see www.mobilit.fgov.be -> DIV-> registration of vehicles -> data exchange-> parking companies-> Apcoa PLC) Pursuant to the privacy legislation of 08-12-1992, there is a free access right for those concerned and for the improvement / supplementation of the personal data relating to them. To this end, a written request must be sent to the registered office of Apcoa PLC or via the contact form on this website.