We provide an extensive range of innovative services in our car parks. Below you can find an overview of all services we offer.

Parking guidance systems

Most of our car parks use parking guidance systems to help customers with their search for an available parking space. Thanks to the guidance systems you can find and park your car easily at a single glance. 


Electric car charging space

The rise of electric cars sure has made an impact on the parking industry. APCOA adapts to this by providing charging points for electric cars in (almost) all car parks. This way you can charge your car while you are working or shopping.


Bicycle parking

Today, the bicycle is used more often to cover short and long distances. APCOA is responding to this by providing guarded bicycle parking spaces at many car parks. We also have bicycle repair services in Ghent.


Motorcycle parking

Apart from car parking and bicycle parking APCOA also offers motorcycle parking on certain locations. Please refer to the car park information page to see if there are motorcycle parking places available.


Staff on site

In all our car parks we have staff on site to answer common questions of customers. They are present 24/7 to help you out. If you need assistance regarding payment or technical problems, click on the help button on the payment machine and you will get redirected to the control room at our headquarters. 


Video surveillance

In all our car parks we use video surveillance 24/7 to control and manage the car park. All the images get reviewed by our control room and if needed by our staff on-site.


Umbrella service

You can rent an umbrella directly at some car parks.


Alcohol test

You can get an alcohol tester at certain car parks. Don't drink and drive!


Extensive payment options

We offer the following payment options:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • SMS payment

Keep in mind that not all of the payment options above are available on certain car parks.