The stability of the market leader

The market shares in Europe are proof of our contractual partners' high degree of trust and the end customers' acceptance. They are the expression of APCOA PARKING's reassurance and stability.


International key figures

With more than 40 years of experience APCOA knows like no other the customers wants and needs.

Infographic containing the latest company figures of the APCOA PARKING Group.

Market segments

APCOA has expanded its activities over the years to serve different market segments:


- Airport parking

APCOA manages parking spaces, the traffic flow and more at numerous airports all over Europe.


- City center parking

Our centrally located car parks in cities and municipalities ensure that you always have a free parking space at your disposal. And that you can reach your destination within a matter of minutes. 


- Hotels

Many international hotel chains are aware that the optimum use of the available car parks is of great importance for the success of the hotel in question. It's for this reason that APCOA takes care of the parking spaces of hotel chains at 57 European locations.


- Park and ride

APCOA PARKING combines individual transport with public transport. This allows you to park your car on the suburban area of the city and to continue your journey by public transport. 


- Hospitals

Car parks provide an extra source of income. APCOA is able to find a balance in the necessary long-term parking spaces for hospital staff, to offer smooth access for ambulances and to manage and follow up the planning and financing of the car parks.


- Event parking

APCOA also can offer a parking solution for events. Our car parks are often centrally located so that visitors can reach the event quickly and within a few of minutes.


- On-street parking

At many locations in Europe, APCOA PARKING ensures compliance with parking restrictions in public streets on behalf of the city or municipality. Our experienced employees ensure correct enforcement of street parking.


- Off-street parking

In addition to enforcement on the street, APCOA also manages numerous car parks in cities and municipalities so that APCOA can guarantee jam-free traffic during peak times.


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