APCOA partners with Innogy to design Mobility Centres of the future


Electric mobility has been gaining momentum in recent years, which has an impact on the requirements imposed on transport infrastructure in cities. For example, the charging network must be expanded to accommodate more electric cars.


Parking manager APCOA and Innogy will therefore jointly develop solutions to design mobility centers of the future. This means that both companies will focus on equipping car parks with charging infrastructure, enabling digital customer contact at all times and creating new services.

The first step for APCOA and Innogy will be to equip the APCOA car parks with charging infrastructure connected with digital systems to easily reserve and find charging points.

Innogy has been a market leader for more than 10 years in the electric mobility sector. During this period the company has installed more than 34.000 charging points all over Europe, USA and Canada. According to Innogy, car parks play a significant role in the expansion of the electric mobility sector and the public charging network. With intelligent energy management systems, a car park has the potential to become an energy center in the future.

With the project Innogy shows that the digitization of infrastructure and the expansion of electric mobility can improve the quality of people's life.

APCOA expects that the digitization in the future will create new business models which will be integrated in the car park of tomorrow. For example a car park will be the focal point for traffic and transport where in addition to car parking, there will also be delivery stations for packages as well as spaces for rental bicycles, scooters and electric shared cars.