APCOA PARKING Belgium goes for more sustainable parking in Brussels


APCOA PARKING Belgium and Continental Car parks are joining forces to expand the UZ Brussels car park and to provide it with sustainable energy. For example, the expansion of P1 will provide an additional 400 parking spaces. 

By adding two extra floors to the existing parking it is possible to provide a considerable number of extra parking spaces. In addition, a bicycle parking will also be provided.

Green energy

Solar panels will be placed on the roof of the car park that will make it possible to almost function energy-neutral in the future. The existing façade will also be adjusted to match the new part. The entire building will therefore have a modern and sustainable look.

Parking growing continually

The expansion of P1 is already the third construction contract that Continental Car parks carries out for APCOA PARKING Belgium. The enormous growth already caused a shortage of parking spaces in 2008. Then the first layer of the parking was built. In 2015 the parking deck was further expanded with an extra floor.

With the future in mind and due to increasing growth, the third building contract will realize a doubling of the number of floors.