Women are better drivers than men


An investigation by Ivox on behalf of Mercedes-Benz shows that women are better drivers than men. Women are more careful and more attentive behind the wheel which makes them better drivers.

Less accidents

The research shows that 35% of Belgian men have been involved at least twice in a car accident. This is only 19% for women. In addition, 28% of women would have never had a traffic accident. For men, it would be 21%.

One of the reasons for the accidents would be the lack of vigilance. For example, 37% of men admitted that they once fell asleep behind the wheel. For women the percentage is much lower: 18%.

Safety has priority

Notwithstanding, women still underestimate their driving skills and parking skills. For example, 39% admits that men can park better and 18% are even convinced that men can drive better in general.


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