Survive the heat in your car with these 6 tips!


A hot car is not only unpleasant but also life-threatening. With these 6 tips you can keep your car cool during the summer.


1. Do not immediately turn on the airconditioning

When you step in and immediately turn on the airconditioning, you spread the warm air. That's why it is best to first open the windows for 5 minutes before using the airconditioning.


2. Use sun protection foil

Your car heats up quicly from the direct rays of sunlight coming in through the windows. Therefore, the use of a sun protection foil will cause your car to heat up much slower.


3. Turn the blowers of the airconditioning system upwards

Because the cool air is blown up, it spreads much better throughout the car. This way, every passenger can enjoy the cool air.


4. Use a towel or blanket

Place a towel or blanket on leather seats to avoid burns.


5. Take enough water with you

With this warm weather you get dehydrated quickly. Therefore make sure that you always have water with you, even for short distances!


6. Covered car park

Use a coverd car park to prevent sun rays from entering your car and causing it to heat up.