Parking in Antwerp

Do you want to park in Antwerp? APCOA manages several car parks and parking lots in Antwerp. This makes it possible to park your car and reach your destination within 5 minutes of walking. 

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You can also park in the following car parks:

Antwerp Den Tir

Closing today: 20:00

per hour from  1.20
Antwerp Gerechtshof

Open all day

per hour from  1.80
Antwerp Sint-Jansplein

Open all day

per hour from  1.80


APCOA operates several car parks in Antwerp, serving the city centre and suburbs. Many of our Antwerp car park locations are convenient for the city’s main tourist attractions and cultural venues. In most cases, it’s possible to park in an APCOA car park and walk to your destination in just a few minutes. 

Antwerp is Belgium’s second city: some would say it is the country’s most beautiful. This picturesque destination boasts a spectacular centre in which cobbled streets wind amongst tall, baroquely ornamented buildings. Antwerp is also Belgium’s largest port city. Its enviable location on the River Schelde gives Antwerp direct access to the North Sea, and has made the town one of the biggest shipping destinations in the world.