Keep your car ice-free with these 8 tips!


Keeping your car windows ice-free is obligatory in Belgium. With these 8 useful tips you can prevent the daily scraping of your car windows.

1. Cardboard

The most common tip to keep your car ice-free is to place a piece of cardboard under your windshield wipers of the front and back window.

2. Scraping

Make use of an ice scraper to remove the ice of the front and back window of your car. Removing the ice with your windshield wipers is not advised as it may damage your windshield wipers.

3. Defrost liquid

In most stores you can buy defrost liquid which is an efficient and easy way to remove the ice. In addition, this liquid also makes sure that the windows get frozen less quickly.

4. Keep your windows clean

Dirty car windows freeze more easily. That's why it's important to keep your windows clean to prevent your windows from freezing.

5. Prevent condensation

When car windows are frozen, there is also condensation inside the car. The condensation can be easily filtered with a sock filled with cat grind. Cat grind absorbs the moist air. 

6. Shampoo

After scraping the ice, a lot of times the windows on the inside of the car still have condensation. If this is the case you can clean the window with a bit of shampoo to prevent and remove the condensation.

7. Don't use your handbrake

During frosty weather it's possible that your handbrake will freeze. Because of this it is recommended that you park your car in transmission.

8. Ice-free parking

When a car is parked outside, it freezes easily. To prevent this you can park your car in an underground car park. Check your nearest underground car park here.