APCOA PARKING Norway wins Innovation Award at EPA


APCOA PARKING Norway has won the European Parking Award for the rollout of an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) based parking management system which is connected to the APCOA FLOW app to facilitate the customer journey.



APCOA FLOW provides the most complete parking app and loyalty program in the world. In April 2017, APCOA PARKING Norway started the largest rollout for ANPR based parking management systems in Europe. Since then the system has been implemented at 104 off-street car parks including 30 airports across Norway. The system was originally introduced to offer customers a more convenient parking experience but also to increase the revenue of the car parks.

Flawless Customer Journey

To make full use of the ANPR system, customers can download the APCOA FLOW app and register a user profile. Then the app can navigate the driver to the chosen APCOA car park. The customer can enter the car park without stopping at the barrier. Instead, the ANPR cameras will detect the license plate and a parking session will automatically start in the app. When leaving the car park the ANPR detects the license plate again and the parking session will stop. The user receives a notification and the payment happens automatically.

Apart from starting and stopping a parking session the app can also be used to look up information about past parking sessions. Thanks to the app two time-consuming parkings tasks disappear namely waiting at the payment terminal to pay the parking session and waiting at the entry barrier for your ticket.

Extensive payment methods

Payment isn't limited to the payment methods offered in the app itself. When using the ANPR system, the system detects your license plate and puts it on a whitelist. This way, you can also pay at the payment machine by entering the license plate number before leaving the car park. A period is granted in which you have to leave the car park. If the payment is forgotten you have the option to pay online within 48 hours after the session ended. An invoice is sent to ensure that the customer will not receive a parking fine.


The European Parking Award was established by the EPA as a biennial award for excellence in parking. The purpose of the award is to encourage parking operators to provide excellent services and parking structures throughout Europe.

This year was the 19th edition of the Congress in Malaga, Spain. An edition that APCOA will not forget anytime soon thanks to the first prize for the "Innovative Schemes in Parking" category.