APCOA PARKING and German Telekom enter into strategic cooperation.


APCOA PARKING Group, Europe's largest parking operator and Deutsche Telekom, Europe's largest telecommunications company, have signed an agreement to jointly develop and launch an extensive range of parking services.


The aim of the cooperation is to offer customers of both companies the most complete parking solution possible, both in car parks and on parking places on the street.

The agreement includes the integration of the APCOA FLOW platform as a way to make contactless payments possible when entering and leaving the car parks managed by APCOA. In addition, there will be the option of offering additional parking spaces that were previously not accessible to the public in office or residential environments after office hours.

Deutsche Telekom uses the Park and Joy application as a parking solution. The app shows available parking spaces in both public and private parking area's and allows you to reserve a parking space and bay via smartphone. By combining these two innovative technologies, a comprehensive range of services will be created for parking on private sites and alongside the road in Germany.

In the context of this cooperation, drivers must receive a joint parking solution that consists of elements from both parties. This makes it possible for drivers to drive in and out contactlessly and to pay automatically (APCOA FLOW), but also to reserve a parking space and pay in public and private areas (Park and Joy). That's why contactless access to the parking and automatic payment of the APCOA FLOW app is integrated in the Park and Joy application.